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Review History Report
Review History Report
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Way We Do makes it easy to view, download and print a full Review History report for your team.

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of your Way We Do manual by clicking "Reports" in the top navigation menu.

  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then click “Review History” in the menu.

  3. The Review History list shows each item in your manual that has been reviewed, the names of each reviewer, and a count of how many active steps were taken during the review. Use the three buttons at the top right of the screen to sort the entries by procedure, label or reviewer.

  4. To see a detailed list of review activity, including all comments, suggestions and approvals, click the number next to any entry.

  5. The Review History Report shows each comment that was made during the review, as well as the name of the reviewer and the date the comment was entered.

  6. To download a CSV copy of the report to print or keep for your records, simply click the CSV button at the top right of the screen.

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