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Can I view, download and print an acceptance report for one person?
Can I view, download and print an acceptance report for one person?
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From time to time it may be necessary for you to show proof of procedure or policy acceptance for a team member. Way We Do has built in acceptance reporting that allows you to view, download and print acceptance for any policy or team member.

  1. To begin, navigate to the report section of your Way We Do manual by clicking Reports in the top right menu.

  2. Open the push navigation menu by clicking the menu icon in the left corner of the screen (the one that looks like three lines.)

  3. Click Acceptance in the menu to open the Acceptance Reports section.

  4. To obtain a proof of acceptance from one team member, click the By Team button in the top right of the Acceptance Reports screen.

  5. Click the name of the desired team member.

  6. The next page will display a list of procedures that the team member has accepted. Click the History link next to the policy or procedure that you want the statement for. Note: If there is no link available, it means the team member has not accepted the policy.

  7. Click the Download link on the next page.

  8. A PDF version of the accepted document will now be available.

The PDF file contains a complete copy of the policy or procedure as it was when the team member signed acceptance. It also has a proof of acceptance statement at the bottom of each page that states the name and email address of the team member, along with the date and time that they accepted the policy.

The file may be saved, emailed or printed as needed.

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