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What is an Activated Checklist Instance, and how do I set one up?
What is an Activated Checklist Instance, and how do I set one up?
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Activated Checklists are designed to be used by again and again by multiple team members. Each time the checklist is initiated and used by a team member, it is an Instance. The Instance records the activity and changes made at that time, while maintaining the framework of the original blank checklist so it can be used again.

Start/Run a checklist instance

1. To Run the checklist/create a new checklist Instance, simply click the play button at the top right of the main checklist screen. It is the blue button with a triangle on it.

2. Type a title in the pop up box to name the instance so it can be found later. Common Instance names include dates, client names, or the purpose for the Instance.

3. Click the Confirm button to save the instance and begin using the checklist.

Once a new instance has been created, you can complete steps as required. In the case of checklists that are completed over a long period of time, you can exit the checklist and resume the same instance at a later date to finish the steps.

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