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Create and Manage an Activated Checklist
Print an Activated Checklist (with Instructions).
Print an Activated Checklist (with Instructions).
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Open the Activated Checklist you want to print out.

Click on the Print icon to print the Activated Checklist.


This will initiate the download of a PDF version of the selected Activated Checklist.

A pop up will appear asking you to choose a print option for your Activated Checklist. You can choose between "Print Checklist Only" or "Print Checklist and Instructions"


Once you have made a selection, click on the Download Button


The checklist will then be downloaded.

If you chose the download option, 'Print Checklist and Instructions', it will show you the checklist steps first. You will need to scroll down the document to view checklist instructions.


You will also notice 5 icons displayed at the top right of the document. The icons will indicate which steps are Decision Points, Delay Steps, Event Steps, have Dependencies on other steps and, which are Required Steps.


Decision Point

When looking at the decision point steps in the PDF version of your checklist, the instructions displayed will show you the conditions for the decision point as well as the steps assigned to each condition. The links are active and by clicking on the step number, you are redirected to the step and the instructions in the PDF.


Delay Steps

When viewing a Delay Step on the PDF it will let you know how long the delay is for and when it starts. In this example the delay begins at the start of the checklist and occurs for 1 day


Event Steps

When viewing an Event Step on the PDF it will let you know when the event occurs and from what step the projected due date is for. In this example the event will occur 1 day from the start of the checklist instance.



The icon denotes that the step is dependent on the completion of another step.

In the checklist instructions on the PDF, when a step has a dependency, it shows both the icon and the step in the checklist it is dependent on.

As in the image below, this means that step 2 cannot be completed until step 1 has been completed and marked off.


Required steps

This denotes that the completion of the step is compulsory and required before the checklist can be considered complete.


Footer Details

At the bottom of the page, you will notice a footer containing information from your online Way We Do manual. The footer contains:

  • a document disclaimer

  • the Company Name,

  • Name of the Checklist,

  • Version Number of the checklist,

  • Name of the Author,

  • When it was last modified, and

  • the page number of the document.


Embedded Media

You may also have other rich media which you have embedded in the instruction panel of your checklist, such as videos, forms, presentation slides e.t.c. This is also included in the PDF version of your checklist however, only active links to the media is added.

For Video Links;

A video icon will be shown in the checklist instructions if it has a video in it. It will display the link of the video as well as any instructions entered for the step.


Other Rich media

A generic embed icon, along with the active link to the embedded media item is displayed as well as any instructions entered for the step.


Once you have downloaded the PDF version of the procedure, you may print all or part of the file as you would any other document.

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