What Is An Activated Checklist?
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Way We Do's Activated Checklists are smart electronic checklists that enable managers to embed policies, procedures and work instructions into the team's day to day work. Activated Checklists can be used by employees, contractors, franchisees, volunteers and clients.

They are a practical way for the team to follow procedures, while ticking off tasks throughout a job or activity. They are designed to be used in day to day workflows.

Activated Checklists display seamlessly alongside other policies, procedures, work instructions and learning materials.

The key features of Way We Do Activated Checklists include:

  • Checklists authoring tools - allowing for title, descriptions, headings and list of steps

  • Supervisor Sign-off - for quality control purposes

  • Assigning an established Procedure to each step

  • Writing a new Procedure on the fly

  • Grouping steps by use of Headings

  • Assigning a role to each step as listed within the Structure section of your manual.

  • Marking if a step is mandatory or optional

  • Marking if the step is dependent upon the completion of another step

  • Enabling comments against each step

  • A progress indication bar

  • Management access to all Activated Checklists instances, whereas users only access the ones they are working upon.

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