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Why should you add each team member to your manual on Way We Do?
Why should you add each team member to your manual on Way We Do?
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Way We Do is designed to be a living, changing, interactive company manual system. We believe this system is the most interesting, effective and powerful way to communicate important policies, procedures and information to your entire company.

To ensure that this is the case, we have built in many powerful user features that are only accessible to companies that choose to add each team member as a separate user within the system. Following are some of the major benefits of adding individual users to your Way We Do subscription.

Organisation - Adding users allows you to assign roles to those users in the Organisation Chart. Once roles are assigned, you can assign tasks and set reminders for each procedure, which will help your team members to understand and remember their areas of responsibility.

Accountability - After adding multiple users, it is easy to set acceptance criteria for your policies and procedures. You can track who is reading the material, and who could use a refresher.

Security - If a team member leaves your organisation for any reason, it is easy to remove their access to your company information by deleting their user account. This will help you to keep your company information safe and secure.

We are always developing new features that will improve the User experience on Way We Do and make it easier to track and educate your staff. If you have questions or suggestions about User features, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support staff.

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