Viewing Who Has Access to Your Company Manual
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Way We Do gives you complete control over who can see your company manual. The only way to view and track access to to your manual is to add individual people as users.

Each user will have their own log in credentials, and the Way We Do system will track the user’s activities within the manual. After adding users to your manual, you can view and manage them on the User Management page.

To access the User Management menu, click on the person icon in the top right corner, then click ‘Account’.

The User Management page contains the following information:

  • User Name

  • Security Role: The security level, or role, of the user.

  • Email Address: The email address associated with the user.

  • Last Signed In: The date the user last signed in to Way We Do

This page also features the option to Remove a user who no longer needs access to the manual.

Note: It is possible to offer shared access to employees who will be using your company manual by sharing your login credentials with staff members or employees. Though this may seem a convenient option for some, we highly recommend giving each team member an individual user account since that is the only way to control access to the company manual. People who are using a shared user account cannot be assigned to roles, receive reminder emails, or have their usage tracked in any way.

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