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How to Access and Review Revision Date Reports
How to Access and Review Revision Date Reports
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You can view and track all of the revision dates that have been set for the policies and procedures in your company manual by opening the revision dates report in the Reports section of the manual.

To access the revision dates report, simply click 'Reports' in the main menu.

The revision dates report contains information about the revision dates that have been added for each procedure, as well as links to the procedures. Information includes:

  • Date: The date that the procedure is due to be revised on.

  • Procedure: Click on the name to go directly to the procedure.

  • Labels: Any labels that have been attached to the procedure will be shown.

  • Editors: Who is responsible for editing the procedure.

  • Last Edited: The date of the last change to the procedure.

If there are no revision dates scheduled for your company manual, the revision report will simply say: No revision dates found.

For more information on creating and managing revisions, read:

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