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Editing and Linking Attachments That Are Hosted By A File Sharing Solution
Editing and Linking Attachments That Are Hosted By A File Sharing Solution
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Way We Do makes it easy to upload and share attachments in your Company Manual. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to update or change a file on a regular basis. When documents are attached natively from your desktop to policies and procedures, they must be removed from the system, edited and uploaded again in order to show changes. For more information about this process, read Editing Attachments, Saving and Reattach to Procedure.

It is generally better to link to a file that is stored in a file-sharing solution rather than attaching the document if you regularly need to change the content of an attachment. Way We Do allows you the option on linking files from your cloud storage solution, such as Google Drive, One Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, and Box.

Editing Hosted Attachments

Two of the more popular file sharing solutions, Dropbox and Google Drive, allow you to edit a document within the sharing system, and the file will be updated no matter where it is viewed from.

  1. Begin by uploading the file to either Dropbox or Google Drive

  2. To edit the document, open it within the system and make changes as you normally would

  3. Save your changes

In order to share these files in your Company Manual, you will need to get the links from your sharing solution and add them to your content on Way We Do.

Sharing from Dropbox

To get the link from the Dropbox system, begin by navigating to the file you want to add to your manual. Hover over the file and a Share button will appear.

Click the Share button and copy the link from the pop up box.

Close the box and skip to Linking to a Hosted File below.

Sharing from Google Drive

To get the sharing link you need for a file stored in Google Drive, first, navigate to the file you wish to share. Right-click on the title of the file to open the options menu for the file. Click the "Copy Link" option.

You will get confirmation the link has been copied

Linking to a Hosted File

Once you have retrieved the link from your sharing platform you can add it to your Way We Do procedure or checklist the same way you would add any other URL link.

1. To begin, navigate to the policy or procedure you want to add the link to.

2. Highlight the text you want to become the link and click the link icon. It is the one that looks like two links of chain.

3. Paste the link to the file into the URL box and click the green check symbol to save your changes.

Now the attachment is linked and accessible from your document

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