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How to Attach Files and Link to them within your policy or procedure
How to Attach Files and Link to them within your policy or procedure

Instructions for attaching files to your policies and procedures.

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Documents such as Microsoft files (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc) can easily be attached to policy or procedure pages within Way We Do. To begin, place your cursor where you would like the attachment link to go and click the Insert File icon.

Drag and drop the file you wish to attach into the dialog box, click "Browse" to browse files from your computer.

Click on the tab labeled "Cloud Storage" to access host websites and upload documents from there

You also have the option to use a previously uploaded file. Simply click the tab labeled 'Choose' and select the file from the choices that are displayed. If the Choose tab is empty, it means that there are no previously uploaded files to choose from.

Once the attachment is added it will automatically appear as a link on the page.

The Attachment icon at the right of the screen has a small number in the bottom corner that indicates how many attachments the procedure has. This number will change after the new file is uploaded. Attachments will be counted even if they are not linked to in the procedure.

Add an Attachment Without Linking

It is also possible to add an attachment to your procedure without linking to it in the document. To begin, click the Attachment icon on the right of the screen when you are on any policy or procedure page.

Click +Upload a File in the top right corner and select the attachment from your computer. Click Open to attach the file. The attachment will appear in the list on the page. You can open attachments to check them by clicking on the title of the attachment.

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