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The top level navigation menu contains many functions that are helpful when navigating Way We Do. This area of the page contains everything you need to access your manual and account, make changes and see reports.

From left to right, the commands are as follows:

1. Clicking the far left icon will open the push style menu where the sections of your manual are listed. The content in this menu will change depending on which section of Way We Do you are in. For more information about the push style navigation menu, please see Push Navigation.

2. Click on the company logo to return to your home screen.

3. Click “Structure” to access and modify the organistional chart for your company.

5. Click “Manual” to go to your company manual.

6. Click “Reports” to access a list of items that have been added to the manual, along with their revision dates.

7. Click the person icon in the far right corner to access your user menu, which includes Market Place, Account, Help and Log Out.

8. Click the Market Place option to browse templates and purchase pre-written content that you can add to your Way We Do Manual. For more information on using the Market Place, please see Searching for Templates in the Market Place.

9. The Account option will take you to your personal account details on Way We Do. In this section you can manage users, update company and personal details, and change your billing information.

10. Click the help button at any time to visit the Way We Do support desk. Support will open in a new window so that your work session will not be interrupted.

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