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The push style navigation is designed to make Way We Do more user friendly and attractive by creating room for multiple levels of labels without interfering with the display of your manual’s content.

Access your manual navigation menu by clicking the menu icon to open the menu, then choose a title to navigate to a new section of the manual.

The menu will disappear and return to the full screen manual view once an item is selected. Alternatively, you may close the menu without selecting a title by clicking the menu icon a second time to close the menu and return your content to full screen.

Push Navigation Menu Contents

The contents of the push navigation menu will change depending on where you are within Way We Do. To access the push navigation menu for your company manual, first use the top navigation option for "Manual". Once there, you can click the push navigation menu icon to open the full menu. Follow the same procedure to access the push menus for Company Structure and Reports.

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