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08. Team Training - The Company Structure
08. Team Training - The Company Structure

Training for your team on how to access and understand the Company Structure

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An important part of your Way We Do account is the Structure section. This is your organization on a page and defines the roles that you can be assigned in Way We Do.

The roles that exist on the org chart are those which can be assigned to specific policies, procedures, and processes, be set up on Tasks & Schedules, and much more.

The Structure is also a useful place for you to go to see who performs what roles in your company and to gain oversight of what they do based on the documented job description.

To access the Structure, select it from the top navigation.

Once you're on the Structure page, you'll be viewing your organizations main org chart.

Each role is presented on a Role Card, with a dotted line to indicate the reporting lines between roles.

Some Role Cards will have a person icon on them, while some won't. Those without a person icon are roles that currently don't have a team member assigned to them.

Those with an icon have team member(s) assigned to that role. You can hover your mouse over the icon to see a list of names that tells you who is assigned.

To see more details about this role, click the link icon in the top left. This will take you to where a job description (or other relevant information about the role) is documented. This is a great feature for gaining clarity around what other roles in your company are responsible for.

You can also click the person icon on the right of the description to see the list of assigned team.

Your company may have more than one org chart. To access these, select the dropdown next to the current org charts title and choose from the list.

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