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Acceptance Matrix Reports for Policies, Processes, and Procedures
Acceptance Matrix Reports for Policies, Processes, and Procedures
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Administrators can create and view in a tabular format group acceptance for multiple individuals across multiple policies, processes and procedures within Way We Do.

The Acceptance Matrix makes it possible for an Administrator to easily track outstanding acceptance for team members.

Create and Edit an Acceptance Matrix

Navigate to the "Reports" of Way We Do, Click on the Menu button and then click on "Acceptance Matrix" from the list that appears on the left-hand side of the screen.


Once on the page, click on the "Create one now" or "+Add New" button to add a new Acceptance Matrix.


Fill in the template that appears on the page. When adding Procedures, Team members, and Company Roles, Way We Do's predictive search will display corresponding titles/names which you can select from.


When you have completed the template, click on "Save Report", which will redirect you to the main Acceptance Matrix report page.


To edit the report, click on the "Edit button" on the same line as the report you would like to edit. This will take to an editable template where you can add/remove roles, procedures or users. You can also edit the title of the report at any time.

View an Acceptance Matrix

To view an Acceptance Matrix, click on the report you would like to see. The report will display in a tabular format, the Team members, and each Master procedure in separate columns. Information on the Version history and publication dates, as well as the team member's acceptance information, is also displayed.


Export an Acceptance Matrix

Acceptance Matrix reports can also be exported. These are produced in downloadable Excel spreadsheets on whichever device you are using. First click on the report you would like to export to go to the viewing screen and then click on the "Export" button at the top of the page.


A pop-up window will appear to show your export being prepared and once it is ready a download button will appear on the pop-up which you can click on to download your spreadsheet.


You may choose to edit the spreadsheet and include additional formatting for printing, PDF conversion or for presentation to others.

Note: When sharing the report with others, remember to lock the spreadsheet to prevent changes from being made.

Delete an Acceptance Matrix

You can delete an acceptance matrix if you feel it is no longer required. Navigate to the Acceptance Matrix reports and click on the "Remove" button on the same line as the report you would like to delete.


A pop-up window will appear to ask you for confirmation once more before the report is deleted. Click on "Delete" on the window if you are sure you want to delete the report.

Note: When an acceptance matrix report is deleted, the Way We Do Support Team is unable to restore this report for you. You can, however, recreate it as many times as possible.

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