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Access and Review Acceptance Reports
Access and Review Acceptance Reports
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Administrators are able to view Acceptance reporting in the Reports section of Way We Do. Navigate to this section by clicking on "Reports" in the top level navigation menu.

Click the menu icon to open the push navigation menu, then click "Acceptance".

In this section you can view Acceptance Reporting of several types including views by Procedure, Role or Team Member. The first report available displays the number of team members who have accepted the required policies and procedures and those that are outstanding. Clicking on the name of the policy or procedure will take you to the actual document, whereas clicking on the linked numbers in the Accepted and Outstanding columns, will display another report by team member. This report provides information as to which team members that you need to follow up with to gain acceptance.

Acceptance reports can be viewed by individual roles in your organisation by clicking on the "By Role" menu item. It will display each role in your business that has been assigned to policies or procedures that require acceptance. Click on the "No. Procedures Requiring Acceptance" to review the documents that have the acceptance setting. The report by individual role will list the documents requiring acceptance and the frequency.

Acceptance reports can be viewed by individual team member by clicking the "By Team" menu item. It will list each person in your team, their role and the number of policies and procedures that are either accepted or are outstanding. Click on the team member's name to view the policy or procedure documents that require their acceptance including the status of being either accepted or outstanding and the date of when it was accepted.

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