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Editing Comments in an Activated Checklist Instance
Editing Comments in an Activated Checklist Instance
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You can edit comments which you have entered into the comment section of an activated checklist instance. You might want to edit your comment because you hit the enter key accidentally, new information has been received, a typo or you simply want to add in some more comments. There are a number of reasons.

To edit a comment you have entered;

1. Open up your activated checklist and go to the step which the comment you would like to edit. Open the step and find your comment by scrolling to the comment section.
2. Click on the menu button on your comment box and select "Edit comment" from the drop-down.


3. Enter updates and changes as required and then click on update to capture your edits.


**Please note that when comments are edited, the word "Edited" will appear next to the comment in the comments section and also in the checklist instance report.

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