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How to Add Comments, Images (photos) and Attachments to Activated Checklists
How to Add Comments, Images (photos) and Attachments to Activated Checklists
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Activated Checklists are intended to lead your team through repeatable processes from start to finish. In addition to including work instructions and ticking off steps, your team members may leave comments and attach images or files directly in a checklist step. This functionality makes it easy to ask questions, provide progress reports, and much more!

1. To add comments or attachments to a checklist step, first make sure you are in an Activated Checklist Instance. You may start a new Instance by clicking the play button, or resume an Instance from the activity tab.


2. Once in the Activated Checklist Instance, choose the step you would like to comment on or add an attachment to. Click the arrow to the right of the step to open the instruction pane.


3. Scroll down in the instruction pane until you see the comment box at the bottom of the page. To leave a comment, type directly in the box and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard to send the comment.


4. You can add attachments such as photos, images, and pdfs to enhance your comments. To add an attachment, simply click the attachment icon (paperclip) in the comment box. Select the file you would like to add from the pop up box and click Open. The file will automatically be attached and appear below the comment box. Click the title of the file at any time to open the attached file.


Comments and attachments will be available to view anytime within the Checklist Instance. Administrators may view and print Checklist Instance Reports, including comments and attachment titles, in the Reports section of Way We Do.

You can also drag and drop files and/or images already saved to your device into the comments field. Images that you have taken via screenshots or even with the in-built snipping tool on PC's can be pasted into the comments field without you having to save it first.

Note: Attached files will not print with the Checklist Instance Report. Only the attachment titles will be included. Consider integrating your Way We Do account with your cloud storage service so files attached to the checklist is automatically saved in a folder on your cloud storage. Speak to us about integrations at

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