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Active Criteria Overview

An overview of the active criteria that can be edited for a procedure

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Active Criteria are a range of Way We Do functions that take your procedures to the next level. You can find them on the right hand side of your procedure.

Active Criteria can be added and edited in both draft and published statuses.

Below is an overview of each Active Criteria.

  • Assigned roles - Assigning roles to the procedure indicates to your team that this procedure is relevant to them and it will appear in the Procedures I'm In section on their dashboard. Click the person icon to assign roles to the procedure. Roles are listed from the "Structure" chart you created.

  • It will then let you choose roles to assign to the procedure

  • Reminders - Click the alarm clock icon to add "Reminders" associated with the procedure

  • Click on Add New to add a new Reminder

  • Add in the Reminder details

  • Attachments - Click the paperclip icon to attach any templates associated with the procedure. You can attach most file types including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, image files, and more

  • Click on Upload File to add an attachment and then choose where the file will come from

  • Acceptance - Click the exclamation icon to add "Acceptance" to the procedure

  • Choose the relevant Acceptance for the procedure

  • Labels - Click the label icon to categorize procedures within Labels. You can choose one or multiple labels

  • You can also add and edit labels in this section

  • Revision Reminders - click the calendar icon to set a revision reminder date so the editor will be emailed automatically to review and update the procedure if required

  • Choose a date for your revision reminder

  • Restriction - click the padlock to make the procedure only available to those roles assigned to it. Once restricted, the procedure will be invisible to all other roles

  • Select Restricted to apply the restriction. Note: only procedures with Assigned Roles can be restricted

  • Version History - Allows all users in Way We Do to visually see the changes that have been made to a Procedure, Policy, or Activated Checklist. You can also republish the previous edits from there

  • It will then show you the version history of the procedure

  • Print to PDF - Click the printer icon to print the procedure to a PDF file

  • Delete / Retire or Delete - Click the trashcan to delete or retire a procedure. Note: on a Draft you'll be prompted to delete an item since the last published version, this is permanent and cannot be undone. On a published procedure, it will ask you if you want to delete permanently, or retire to retain a record. It's recommended to retire published procedures

  • It will then let you choose to delete or retire the published procedure

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