Adding & Editing Active Criteria

Instructions for how you can edit active criteria when a procedure or checklist is in either draft or published status.

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Once you've finished writing your procedure, it's time to add in your Active Criteria. You can set up your Active Criteria when the Procedure is either in Draft or Published status.

What are Active Criteria?

Active Criteria are Way We Do's power-packed features that bring your procedures to life, enabling you to further embed them within your organization.

Active Criteria includes:

Editing Active Criteria in Draft Status

You can edit Active Criteria when a procedure is in a published status as well as in a draft status. This could be either a new draft that has never been published or a draft of an already published procedure.

If the procedure has never been published any additions or changes to the Active Criteria will be applied when you publish the procedure.

If the procedure has been published, but you're making edits to it in a draft version, which includes changes to Active Criteria, these changes will be published along with any amendments to the procedure content.

When editing Active Criteria in a draft status, Way We Do keeps a record of the changes and edits you're making to the Criteria, so you can see what you've done during the edit.

To edit the Active Criteria when in draft status:

  • Select Finish to save the draft

  • Select the Active Criteria you'd like to add or edit

  • Make the necessary changes to the Active Criteria. You'll see two visual indicators that you've made a change:

    • An edit(s) link at the top of the screen

    • A blue indicator on the relevant Active Criteria icon

  • Select the edit(s) link to see a summary of the changes made

  • Once you select Publish the changes to the criteria will be made live

Editing Active Criteria in Published Status

You can add or edit Active Criteria on a published procedure without having to start editing the actual procedure content.

  • Navigate to and select the relevant procedure. You'll see the Active Criteria down the right hand side of the procedure

  • Select the Active Criteria you would like add or edit

  • As you make the changes to the Active Criteria you'll notice the indicators that appear on a draft procedure do not show on a published procedure

  • There is no need to re-publish the procedure

See our Active Criteria Overview support article for what each criteria means.

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