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Create and Manage an Activated Checklist
Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances
Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances
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Activated Checklist Instances can be run manually or automatically. To run an Activated Checklist automatically, you need to add a Schedule.

When Activated Checklists are automatically scheduled they run automatically at a predetermined frequency, invite the relevant employees to collaborate, the instance will then appear on each assigned employees Dashboard, and an email will be sent to them saying they are invited to participate as a Collaborator.

To create a Schedule:

  • Click the Alarm Clock button on the right hand side of an Activated Checklist

  • Click +Add New

  • In the Checklist instance details field enter the name of the activity that will run on a recurring basis. For example, if you are automatically running a finance reporting process on a monthly basis, the activity name could be Monthly Finance Reporting

  • You also have the ability to automatically insert date or time values by using the +Add date to the name link. This inserts a token into the Checklist instance details. There are five options available:

  • Once inserted, the token will add the appropriate date / time (based on the token selected), for example, Monthly Finance Reporting {{MMM yyy}} will become Monthly Finance Reporting Feb 2024 when the checklist is run

  • Click the Assign button to assign people or roles to "Responsibilities". Who you select here are who will be invited to complete the checklist

    • Name: assigning collaborators by their name to choose specific people

    • Role: assign an entire role to invite everyone who is in that role to collaborate

  • Enter the Frequency (daily, weekly, etc) and how often you wish it to repeat

  • Enter the Start Before time to specify when you want the checklist instance to initiate and invite collaborators automatically

  • Enter the Timezone you relevant to your account

  • Enter the Start Date of when you want the instance to start

  • Enter an End Date if you'd like the schedule to turn off after a specified period of time. Note: leave End Date blank if you want it to run until you choose to turn it off

  • Click Save

Activated Checklists with an Event Step

If you want to use a Schedule on an Activated Checklist that has an Event step, you need to ensure that there is a default due date set. Otherwise, you won't be able to format a Schedule. This is because a checklist without a default due date requires a user to enter an event date, meaning the system cannot initiate the checklist instance.

You will see a warning when trying to add Schedules.


Select the yellow warning icon to view details of the error.

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