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Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances
Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances
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Activated Checklist Instances can be run manually or automatically. There are two ways of automatically creating an Activated Checklist Instance by either applying the "Schedules" criteria to an Activated Checklist procedure or by actions in other web apps that trigger a checklist instance to start. This support article covers the "Schedules" function.

When Activated Checklists are automatically scheduled, the instances will appear on each user's Dashboard when they log into Way We Do, and an email is sent to them saying they are invited to participate as a Collaborator.

Following are the steps for created Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances:

  1. Click the "Alarm Clock" button on the right hand side of an Activated Checklist procedure

  2. Click "+Add New"

  3. In the "Checklist instance details" enter the name of the activity that will run on a recurring basis.

    • For example, if you are automatically running a Management Review Agenda on a monthly basis, the activity name could be simply the month name and year. e.g. Month, 20YY

    • Another example is a Retailer running an Activated Checklist for the opening and closing procedures of a store. The checklist instance could be titled by the store location and the current date. e.g. [Store Location], dd MMM yyyy

  4. You also have the ability to automatically insert the current date by using the "+Add date to the name" link. There are two options available including the current date that it runs (dd MMM yyyy) or the current month and year (MMM yyyy).

  5. Click the "Assign" button to assign people or roles to "Responsibilities".

    • The names of the users who are added to Way We Do will display for you to select. When a person leaves the organization, you will then be required to update the process to include the new person.

    • The alternative is to assign "Roles" to "Responsibilities". This will mean that everyone in that particular role will be invited to access and use the Activated Checklist Instance that runs. Simply click the toggle button for "Include roles". The roles from the org chart will display for you to select.

  6. Enter the "Frequency" (daily, weekly, etc) and how often you wish it to repeat.

  7. Enter the "Start Before" time to specify when you want the checklist instance to initiate and invite collaborators automatically.

  8. Enter the "Timezone" you wish the "start before" time should be.

  9. Enter the "Start Date" of when you want the "Activated Checklist Instances" to start.

  10. Click "Save"

Activated Checklists with an Event Step

If you want to use the Schedules criteria on an Activated Checklist that has an Event step, you need to ensure that there is a default due date set. Otherwise, you won't be able to format a Schedule. This is because a checklist without a default due date requires a user to enter an event date, meaning the system cannot initiate the checklist instance.

You will see a warning when trying to add Schedules.


Select the yellow warning icon to view details of the error.

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