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How do I add collaborators to an Activated Checklist Instance?
How do I add collaborators to an Activated Checklist Instance?
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Many Activated Checklist instances will require more than one team member to complete them. This is why Way We Do allows you to add collaborators to each individual instance.

1. Navigate to the checklist instance you would like to add a collaborator to and create a new Activated Checklist Instance.

2. Click the "Add a Collaborator" icon in the top right corner. It is the one that looks like a person with a plus sign.

3. Click the name of the desired team member or a role from the pop up list and click the "Invite" button. A confirmation message will appear on screen and an invitation email will be sent to the chosen collaborator/s.


Admin Access Feature

Various factors may hinder a Collaborator from continuing work on an Activated Checklist Instance, for example, they're away on leave, unwell, or have moved on from your organization. However, the work related to the process will need to continue, meaning new Collaborators need to be added.

As the account's Administrator, you possess the capability to add new Collaborators, ensuring the seamless continuation of the process and avoiding any potential delays.

To proceed, locate the checklist instance you're adding the Collaborator to, and replicate steps b2 & 3 above.

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