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Procedures Register Report - How to print a list of procedures.
Procedures Register Report - How to print a list of procedures.
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You can easily print a list of your procedures using the Procedures Register Report, available in the reports section of Way We Do. Your Procedures Register Report will provide you with an easy resource for team members who are responsible for editing and maintaining your content. It can also be given to auditors whenever required.

The detailed report will list your policies, procedures and checklists, and contain the important information for each one, including:

  • Procedure Title

  • The Editor Name

  • Status

  • Labels

  • Assigned Roles

  • Created Date

  • Last Edited Date

Like all other reports, you can access this customizable report through the Push Navigation Menu while you are in the Reports section of your Way We Do account.

You can choose to print the entire procedures list, or just a label section of your manual, and choose how to order your list using the drop down menu in the top right corner. Sorting options include:

  • Title

  • Status

  • Label

  • Editor

  • Role

View the list directly in Way We Do, or download a CSV file for printing or distribution by clicking the CSV button in the top right of the screen.

To protect your restricted procedures from accidental access, we have made the full Procedures Register Report available only to Administrators. Please let us know if you require full access for Editors.

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