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Procedure Editing Screen Overview - How to Edit, Publish and Delete Procedures
Procedure Editing Screen Overview - How to Edit, Publish and Delete Procedures
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Way We Do provides plenty of easy to use editing tools and power-packed extras to help you create policies and procedures that your team will enjoy using. This guide provides a tutorial of the procedure editing screen, including instructions for editing, publishing, and deleting your procedures.

NOTE: Only Admins and Editors are able to edit, publish, and delete procedures.

Editing Section (Draft/Pending Review)

  • Edit - Click the pencil icon to "Edit" the procedure.

  • Title Bar - Enter the name of your procedure by overwriting the words "Untitled Procedure"

  • Editing Tools - The Editing Toolbar contains all of the standard editing tools you would expect, with a few extras. If you are unfamiliar with any of the icons used, hover over the icon and the description will be displayed

  • Way We Do has an "auto-save" feature which appears whenever an edit is made to the procedure

  • Finish - Way We Do has an "auto-save" feature, however, we recommend that you click the "Finish" button to keep your latest edits

  • Procedure Status - Way We Do allows you to assign a status to a Procedure. A procedure can be saved as a draft, marked as pending review, or published. To learn more about procedure status, read our Procedure Publishing Status Overview

  • Cancel - Click the "Cancel" button to take you back to the view mode and cancel the latest edits

  • Print to PDF - Click the printer icon to print the procedure to a PDF file

  • Delete - Click on Finish or Cancel first if you're still editing the procedure. Then Click the trashcan to delete a procedure

  • It will then ask you to confirm the deletion of the Draft


Published Section

  • View Only - Click the View Only icon to leave the editing screen without saving changes

  • Title Bar - Name of your procedure


Active Criteria

Active Criteria can be viewed and edited in both published and draft / pending review statuses.

For more information on Active Criteria, see the following support articles


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