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How to Make Videos Private to Your Company Manual
How to Make Videos Private to Your Company Manual
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Videos can make your Company Manual come alive. They are a great addition to your content and can easily clarify concepts for the people who are reading your manual. Sometimes your videos contain sensitive information that should not be viewed by the general public. In this case, it is important to control who is allowed to see the video.

Since videos are embedded into Way We Do from separate hosting platforms, you will need to control viewing access by changing the settings of the video within that platform. There are several options when doing this. Following are the basic instructions for changing the privacy settings on the two most popular video sharing platforms: Youtube and Wistia.


Youtube offers three privacy settings for videos. They are public, unlisted and private.

Videos that are marked public will be indexed by search engines and be viewable by the general public. This is a great setting for promotional videos and instructional videos that do not contain sensitive information.

Unlisted videos will not be indexed by search engines and will only be available to people who have the invitation link. The unlisted option is perfect for a video that should be viewed by all the people reading your manual, but is not intended for public viewing. Once an unlisted video is embedded, anyone with access to the manual will be able to watch the video.

Private videos can only be viewed by the users you select. This is a good option for videos that should only be viewed by a few of the team members who will be reading the manual. Once a user has been given access they will need to be logged in to their Google account in order to watch the video in the manual. The video will look like a broken photo link to all users who have not been given access to the video.

You can change the privacy settings of Youtube videos from within the video manager.

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to the video you want to change the settings for.

  2. Select Info and Settings from the list.

  3. Choose public, unlisted or private from the choices in the dropdown box on the page.

For more information about Youtube privacy settings, visit Change the Privacy Settings for Your Video.


Wistia is a video sharing platform that is designed for private viewing and tracking viewers. There are two options for video sharing within the Wistia platform: Unlocked and Locked. There is no public option for videos hosted on Wistia.

Unlocked videos function the same way that unlisted Youtube videos do. Videos with this setting will be viewable to anyone with the link to the video, which is anyone reading your manual.

Locked videos are restricted to a specified group of users, much the same as a private Youtube video. Locked videos will likely not be viewable in the Way We Do system since users have to be logged in to the Wistia platform to watch the video.

To change the privacy settings on a Wistia video, first upload the video to the system. In the project area, hover over the Project Actions menu and click the Sharing and Privacy option. Choose either Unlocked or Locked from the menu. Choose the users who are allowed to access Locked videos and change their permission settings.

For more information on Wistia privacy settings, visit Sharing Video Privately.

There are many more video sharing platforms available, and all of them offer different service benefits and options. Feel free to explore and find the one that works best for you when creating your Company Manual.

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