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How to Stop Task Reminder Emails or Change its Frequency
How to Stop Task Reminder Emails or Change its Frequency
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Task reminder emails are a useful tool that can help the entire team remember what needs to be done and when. It is possible to stop a task reminder completely by deleting the task, or to reduce the frequency of task reminder emails by changing the settings of individual tasks.

Delete Tasks to Permanently Stop Reminder Emails

If you wish to completely stop a task reminder email, it will be necessary to delete the task from the Way We Do system.

  1. To delete a task, first navigate to the procedure you would like to delete tasks from.

  2. Click on the clock icon on the righthand side of the screen to access the tasks list.

  3. Click the Delete button next to the task you would like to stop receiving reminders for.

To protect against accidental deletion, a confirmation box will appear. Click OK to delete the task permanently, or click Cancel to return to the task list.

Change the Frequency of Task Reminder Emails

If you would like to keep a task as part of a procedure, but prefer to receive fewer reminders for the task, you can change the settings to reflect your preference.

  1. In the Task List, click Edit next to the task you wish to change.

  2. In the Task screen, choose the frequency of the reminder emails, and how often you would like the reminders to repeat. The frequency can be set as often as daily, or as rarely as once a year.

  3. Once the settings have been changed, click Save to lock in the new settings.

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