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Way We Do is equipped with an autosave feature to help you save your work in case of accidental navigation errors. When you are in the editing screen working on policies and procedures, the content will automatically save every 10 seconds. That way, if you accidentally navigate away from the page or close the window without saving, most of the content will be recoverable.

If you return to the document within 150 seconds you can continue editing without interruption. If you return after 150 seconds, you can recover the automatically saved content by navigating back to the procedure and clicking on the edit icon. It is the one that looks like a pencil. A new box will appear on the page titled "Autosaved Content Recovery - You have unsaved content for the procedure. Do you want to load it?"

Click Yes to recover the saved content.

Additional Notes:

The content of the policy or procedure will be autosaved, but the title will not. You will need to recover the autosaved content, re-title the procedure and click Save to permanently change the title.

Clicking Cancel before exiting a document will permanently delete autosaved content, making it unrecoverable later.

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