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Inserting PowerPoint and other presentations into your procedure
Inserting PowerPoint and other presentations into your procedure
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You can make your policy and procedure pages within your Company Manual come to life with the use of presentations on platforms such as and You can simply add your Powerpoint or Keynote presentations to these platforms or use their software to create a presentation from scratch.

Adding a Public Presentation:

You can add any presentation that is publicly available to your policy or procedure. There is a wealth of content that is freely available on the Internet of which can be used to educate teams about the industry your business is in. Simply find a suitable presentation on platforms such as or and embed the presentation into your procedure within your Way We Do Company Manual.

To do this, simply click on the "Embed" button on the presentation on most media sharing platforms. Note: the embed code can sometimes be found when you click 'Share'

You then need to copy the presentation "Embed code". You can change the width and height of the presentation. Click on the "Copy Code" button. This process is similar across multiple media sharing websites, however they will have their nuances so keep an eye out for anything that's slightly different.


The next step is to past the Embed code into your procedure within your Way We Do Company Manual. While in edit mode of your policy or procedure, click the Insert Video icon button. It's the one that looks like a video play button. A "Media URL" field will display, allowing you to paste in the "embed code" from the presentation sharing platform. Simply paste it into this box.

You can adjust the width and height of the presentation using the controllers available when you click over the presentation

If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Digital Tablet and Smart Phone Devices:

Even though presentations can be embedded into your Way We Do Company Manual, you will need to confirm which platforms allow for the content to be displayed within tablet and mobile devices. Prezi presentations display well in desktop computers, however do not show on iPad and iPhone devices because their technology uses Flash. SlideShare on the other hand does display within desktop, tablet and smart phone devices, so there is more flexibility with this platform.

There are many other types of presentation sharing platforms available on the Internet. Feel free to experiment with platforms that you like to use by adding their presentations into your Way We Do Company Manual. Let us know what works best for you!

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