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Adding pdf documents to your policy and procedure pages within your Company Manual can add clarity for your readers. It is easy to embed a pdf from a platform such as You can simply add your pdf document to this platform, or choose a pre-made one that is publicly available for use.

Adding a Public PDF Document:

You can add any pdf that is publicly available to your policy or procedure. There is a wealth of content that is freely available on the Internet of which can be used to educate teams about the industry your business is in. Simply find a suitable document on and embed it into your procedure within your Way We Do Company Manual.

To do this, simply click on the "Embed" button under the chosen document.

You then need to copy the document "Embed code". This process is similar across multiple media sharing websites, however they will have their nuances so keep an eye out for anything that's slightly different.

The next step is to past the Embed code into your procedure within your Way We Do Company Manual. While in edit mode when editing your policy or procedure, click to place your cursor where you would like to add the document and then click the Insert Video icon button. It's the one with a box that looks like a play button.

An "Insert Video" field will display, allowing you to paste in the embed code from the presentation sharing platform. Simply paste it into this box.

Before clicking the "Insert" button, you may need to remove the letters "http:" in the first url displayed in the code. By removing this code, it will ensure that the document will appear within Way We Do's secure platform (because we use "https:"). The pdf should load immediately when you click the "Insert" button.

If you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Adding a Private Presentation:

You may have material that is confidential and you do not want to share it with the whole world. You can still utilise document and presentation sharing platforms like ShareSlide, however you will need to change the privacy settings for each item within the accounts of those services. You will still be able to share the document with Way We Do and any individuals you would like to.

Digital Tablet and Smart Phone Devices:

Even though pdf documents can be embedded into your Way We Do Company Manual, you will need to confirm which platforms allow for the content to be displayed within tablet and mobile devices. SlideShare generally does display well within desktop, tablet and smart phone devices, but other sharing platforms may not have the same results.

There are many other types of document and presentation sharing platforms available on the Internet. Feel free to experiment with platforms that you like to use by adding their documents into your Way We Do Company Manual. Let us know what works best for you!

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