Embedding Attached PDFs into Procedures

Instructions for embedding a PDF article into a procedure in Way We Do

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You can embed a PDF attachment so that it's displayed within the procedure content.

In order to do this, you must first insert the PDF using the Insert File function. The Insert File function shows a link to the file within the procedure text.

How to embed the file

  • Once you have inserted the PDF file, select it and then click Edit

  • The Edit Link pop-up will display, copy the content in the URL field, then click Cancel

  • Paste the copied URL somewhere e.g. notes, document, as you'll need this later

  • Select Insert Rich Media on the Edit Tool Bar

  • Copy and paste the following iframe code into the field, but do not press the Insert button yet: <iframe src="/Attachments/View/xxxx" width="100%" height="700px" frameborder="0" allow="fullscreen"></iframe>

  • In the iframe code, remove xxxx and replace it with the code from the URL you copied earlier, in this example we're replacing xxxx with 2696

  • Hit the green checkmark to confirm

  • Your PDF will now be embedded within the procedure

  • You can now delete the original inserted file text if you wish (see note below)

Note: This works great for modern desktop browsers but doesn't display as expected in mobile browsers. In Android devices you get a placeholder asking you to open it. In iOS you only get the first page as an image. As such, it's best to embed the pdf with an iframe and also provide a link to the attachment so that mobile users can still get access to view it.

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