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Some of our subscribers have requested to be able to compile whole or part of their company manual into a PDF document. This is a useful function if you need to provide your manual to a 3rd party such as government or council customers or compliance auditors who need to verify that you have correct policies and procedures in place for your business or organization. The printed manual will include company logos and branding information, as well as a table of contents.

Way We Do is backed up daily and is very safe and secure, however you can also perform your own backup by printing the manual to PDF and saving the file onto your own server.

This feature is only accessible by Administrators, so Editors or Users will not be able to print the whole manual. To use the Print Manual function, simply go to:

1. Administration (little person icon in top right menu)

2. Account (in drop down menu)

3. Print Manual

Once on the 'Print Manual' screen you have the option to print the whole manual, print selected procedures, or print procedures containing certain labels or tags.

To print the entire manual, or print procedures with selected labels, first click the +Start Print button in the top right. A new menu will appear.

In this menu you can change the title of the menu and select whether to print the whole manual or Selected Labels Only.

Click Start Print to download and print your selections.

You may also print a single procedure from within the editor for each procedure. For more information on this, please read Print a Procedure.

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