How to Add a Revision Date to a Procedure

Instructions for setting up a revision date on a procedure.

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Some procedures will require revision on a regular basis. You can add revision dates to your procedures to act as a reminder to edit the procedure as needed.

  1. Click the Calendar icon in the right side menu to open the revision date calendar.

  2. Click the date you would like the procedure to be revised on.

  3. When the date selected is reached, a revision reminder will be sent to the last person who edited the procedure.

  4. Alternatively, you can select another person for the reminder to be sent to.
    Simply click the "Change" link and select a new person.
    Only Editors and Administrators will be listed to select from.

  5. Emails reminders will continue to be sent daily until the date is changed in the system.

Cancel a Revision Date

To cancel the selected revision date simply click on the "Clear selection" link to unselect it. Once the date is unselected no reminder emails will be sent.

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