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Set a future date for publish with the Scheduled Publishing feature

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When publishing an item in Way We Do you can schedule a future date for when the new procedure version will "go live" and be accessible for all team members to view.

This feature is available when publishing for the first time as well as when publishing an updated version of an existing policy, procedure, or process.

Why would I use this feature?

There's a few reasons why you may like to use this feature:

  • You've created a brand new item that comes into effect on a future date

  • You're editing an existing item to reflect upcoming changes. For example, a change to legislation is impacting a policy as of a specific date, so you edit the document in preparation for this date

  • You've created a range of items related to a project. So, you set the publish date to match the "go live" date of your project

Please note: this is an optional feature. To switch it on in your account, please let us know via or use the chat feature in the bottom right of your Way We Do browser window.

How to add a scheduled publish date to a procedure

  • When you're ready to publish an item you will select the Publish tab as usual

  • Confirm that the Publish tab is now highlighted blue, then click Finish

  • The Publish Procedure pop-up will display

  • There's now a Publish date field

  • Click your cursor into this field to display the date selector

  • You can now set a Publish date

  • If you want to publish it immediately, enter today's date

  • If you want to schedule it to publish on a future date, use the date selector to choose the appropriate day. Note: it will publish at 12am on the selected date

  • Then click the Publish button on the bottom right of the pop-up

  • If you entered today's date it will display immediately as a published procedure

  • If you chose a future date a purple banner will show that this is an upcoming version, the version number, and the scheduled publish date

  • The banner will also display two buttons:

    • Configure: this is where you can amend or cancel the scheduled publish (further instructions below)

    • View [version number]: if this is a republish of an item, this button will display the previous version number, e.g. v1.0, and you will be able to select this button to view the most recent published version. Note: you'll only see this button if this is a new version of an already published item

  • When you navigate back to the label any item that has a scheduled publish date will display on the Editing view

  • Make sure the view is set to Editing

  • The procedure card will show a status of Upcoming

Using the Configure button

The configure button enables you to change the scheduled publish date, publish immediately, or cancel the scheduled publish

  • Select Configure on an upcoming item

  • The Configure Upcoming Procedure pop-up will display

  • There's three options to choose from:

    • Change publish date: select this option, then use the date selector to change the date of the scheduled publish

    • Publish now: select this option to publish immediately

    • Cancel publish schedule: choosing this will return the item to a draft status and allow you to continue editing

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