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Creating Ordered (alpha/numeric) List
Creating Ordered (alpha/numeric) List

Instructions for adding an ordered list to your procedure.

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You can create an ordered list using the editing tools provided in the Way We Do system.
There are two ways to create the list. The first option is to type out the entire list, adding a hard return by tapping Enter (Return on Mac) after each item. After you have completed your list, highlight the entire block of text, and click the Ordered List icon in the editing tools.
The second option for creating an ordered list is to click the Ordered List icon before typing your list. A hard return after each item will automatically number the next item on the list in sequence.

You can choose now between different options of order lists in the Editor's tool bar, this will depend on your choice and documents structure, see the options in the image below.

Ordered list

  • Highlight the list

  • Click on the Ordered icon

  • Select the most convenient option for list whether this is numbers, Roman or Latin letters

  • The List Properties option allows you to set the starting from a specific number or letter after the original list has been interrupted by any additional information, image or document.

To stop adding to your list, simply tap Enter twice.

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