Use of Indention to Create Formatted Lists

Instructions for adding bulleted or numbered lists to a procedure.

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You can create formatted lists with multiple levels using the editing tools provided within Way We Do. To begin, highlight the typed items you would like to make into a list. Click the list icon, either numbered or bulleted.

This example focuses on bulleted lists, but the procedure will be the same for both lists.

Once the list is created, highlight the list items that you would like to turn into sub items and click the Indent icon - It is the one with a paragraph and an arrow pointing right. This will indent the chosen bullet points to create sub items with different bullet points.

Follow the same procedure to add a third level to the structure of the list by further indenting the item.

To remove the structure, or move a single list item back a level, highlight the text you want to change and click the Outdent icon - It is the one with a paragraph and an arrow pointing left. This will remove one level of indentation from the item.

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