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Instructions on how to use the Write a List functionality

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This feature will create a list for you based on the content you highlight - this could be a word or heading, a line of text, a paragraph of text, or a subject.

The Write a List function is available on:

  • Standalone Procedures

  • Activated Checklists

  • Role Descriptions

How to use Write a List

In a Code of Conduct, you may like to generate a list of guiding principles for the policy. So, you could highlight the heading "Guiding Principles" and then select Write a List.

  • Highlight the content you wish to create a list for

  • Select the AI button - bright pink icon on the far right

  • Click Write a List

  • A message will appear to let you know that the AI is working

  • Once completed, the list will be inserted in to your procedure

  • At the bottom of the list, the hover will appear for you to Accept or Reject the content the AI has created for you

  • You can also choose to Regenerate or Give us feedback at this point too

  • Once you're happy with the generated list and have selected Accept, you can then continue writing your policy or procedure

  • This may include adding to the list created, or removing unnecessary items

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