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Creating a Bullet Point (Un-ordered) List
Creating a Bullet Point (Un-ordered) List
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You can create a bullet point list using the editing tools provided in the Way We Do system.

There are two ways to create the list. The first option is to type out the entire list, adding a hard return by tapping Enter (Return on Mac) after each item. After you have completed your list, highlight the entire block of text, and click the Unordered List icon in the editing tools.

The second option for creating a bullet point list is to click the Unordered List icon before typing your list. A hard return after each item will automatically add a bullet point to each new item on the list.

Un-ordered (Bullet) list

  • Highlight the list

  • Click on the Unordered icon (encircled on the photo below)


To stop adding to your list, simply tap Enter twice.

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