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Create Web-Based Image Files To Insert Into Documents
Create Web-Based Image Files To Insert Into Documents
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To insert images into a document within Way We Do you must first create images that are web-ready. Way We Do allows you to insert web-based images that are either be a .png, .jpg or .gif file format.

Image Editing Software:

When creating image files, you need to use an image editing software such as Photoshop or Paint.NET. Paint.NET is a free tool that you can download from the Internet. It is easy to use, however when you download the software, ensure that you are wary of the Advertising as it is easy to click upon these instead of the actual download link. The download links are the ones displayed in the table.

Once you download and successfully install the software, you can move to the next step.

Note: Paint.NET is a Windows only program and is available to PC users.

MAC users can use the pre-installed iPages, iPhoto and Preview programs for basic photo edits. You may also install and run Parallels Desktop in order to use Paint.NET.


Go to the image or document that you would like to turn into an image file. You are then required to take a screenshot of the image by simultaneously pressing the following buttons on your keyboard.

PC: Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen

MAC: Shift + Command + 4

When using a MAC, the above combination will turn your cursor into a target. You can then use your cursor to take a screenshot of anything on the screen.

  1. Position the cursor at the top corner of the image you would like to select.

  2. Click and hold the left mouse button while moving the cursor until it covers the entire image.

  3. Release the button to take the selected screenshot.

  4. The image can then be edited using your chosen program.

Editing Your Image:

Using Paint.NET: Go to your Image Editing Software. A blank file normally is opened by default. If not, click "File" and then "New" in your image editing software to create a blank file.

On your keyboard, simultaneously press the buttons "Ctrl" + "V" if you are using a PC. The screenshot that you had taken should now paste into the image editing software.

Cropping Your Image:

Sometimes you may need to cut out only a portion of the image that you would like to save into your image file.

If you are using Paint.NET, click on the "Rectangle Select" tool in the Tools panel (right of Westie puppy image below).

Drag and select the portion of the image that you would like to crop.

Click on the "Crop" button in the top menu.


Resizing Your Image:

You will need to consider the dimensional size of your image to ensure that it displays well within your Way We Do document. If your image is too wide, you are able to resize it.

If you are using Paint.NET, you can resize the image by clicking on "Image" in the main menu and then clicking "Resize".

Web images are defined by pixels. We recommend that you resize your images to a maximum of 600 pixels wide and "maintain aspect ratio". The pixel width size could be smaller than this if you want a smaller image.

Click "OK".

Saving Your Image File:

To save your image into a web-ready file, click on "File" in the main menu of the software and then click "Save As".

Type in the name of the image file, ensuring there are no spaces in the file name.

Select the file type you would like to use. The best file formats for photos are .png and .jpg.

Ensure that you are saving to an area on your computer or server where you can retrieve the file again.

Click "Save".

You can now upload and insert the image into your document on Way We Do.

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