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Customized Activity Titles
Instructions for customizing the Activity Title field on an Activated Checklist
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You can customize the way that the Activity Title displays for an Activated Checklist. This helps to further clarify how you'd like your team to name the checklist instance as they run it.

To update the Activity Title, select the Settings icon.

On the Activity Title tab there's four fields that you can update.

  • Label Text: what the field is called, the default value is "Activity Title"

  • Help Text: the help text that appears when you hover over the question mark icon, the default text is "Enter a title that represents the work you are doing"

  • Placeholder Text: the text visible in the field, the default text is "Enter the title of the activity"

  • Default Value: choose a default title for the instance to be populated each time "Run" is selected. Note: you can use Tokens to prefill information by clicking +Add token to the default value

There are many scenarios for why you'd want to update these fields. The ultimate goal is so that it's clear what the fields are for when using an Activated Checklist.

The example below is a scenario where the checklist is being used for training, so we want it to accurately reflect that.

Update each field with what you'd like to change the content to be. Then click Save. When you go to "Run" the checklist, it will now display these new values.



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