Insert a step below or above other

Instructions for adding a step either above or below an existing one.

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When adding steps to an Activated Checklist you can either add it at the end, or use the Insert Step feature to insert a step above or below the currently selected step.


  • To add a step either above or below an existing step, select the step and then choose the ellipsis (the 3 dots). It will show "More Actions" when you hover your cursor over it

  • When you click on it you will see the options "Insert Step Above" and "Insert Step Below" Select one based on where you need to add the step

  • For this exercise we'll add a step above.

  • The inserted step appears as a floating window ready for you to add the new step information

  • Also select the type of step you need it to be

  • Once the step is ready, hit enter on your keyboard and the new step will be placed (in this case) above the step you originally selected

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