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06. Team Training - Performing an Acceptance
06. Team Training - Performing an Acceptance

Training for your team on how to accept procedures

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Policies, procedures, and processes that are documented in Way We Do may require your Acceptance. This is where your company is asking you to read and acknowledge that you understand the content.

This is an important activity for ensuring that you and your colleagues understand what is required of you.

You most likely won't be asked to accept every item relevant to you, just those critical enough to have your acknowledgment recorded.

There's three scenarios in which you'll be asked to perform Acceptance:

  1. Accept Once: you're required to read and acknowledge once and once only

  2. Accept After Each Change: when there's been meaningful content you've already accepted, you'll be asked to re-read and re-accept

  3. Repeat Acceptance: where you'll be asked to accept based on a set frequency, either monthly, quarterly, or annually

You'll be notified of required acceptance on your Dashboard and in your Daily Action Summary (which is a daily email you'll receive)

From the Dashboard

On the Acceptance tab, those items requiring your attention will be listed. Select from this list to go and view the content

From the Daily Action Summary

Within the email body, those items requiring your attention will be listed. Select from this list to go directly to the content, or choose Go to dashboard

Performing the Acceptance

When you're viewing an item that requires your acceptance, it will have a yellow banner at the top.

The acceptance is performed at the bottom. Read through the content then check the box to state you've read and understood the content.

  • If you sig in to Way We Do using a password, you'll need to enter this and select Accept

  • If your company uses Single Sign-On (meaning you don't need a password) you'll just have to click Accept after checking the box

Tracking your own Acceptance

You can report on your own acceptances. This is covered in the training on Reports

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