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05. Team Training - Tasks in Way We Do
05. Team Training - Tasks in Way We Do

Training for your team on how to understand Tasks in Way We Do

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Tasks in Way We Do work like a friendly little reminder that there's something for you to action. The Task in question will be in relation to a policy, procedure, or process your role has responsibility for.

Tasks are great as you can have more than one on any given content item, meaning important reminders can be sent for all activities and for all roles. So if, for example, there's a procedure that your role shares responsibility on, and there's specific things within that procedure you're responsible for, the Task can remind you of your specific responsibilities and when they need to be done.

There's two ways you can view what Tasks you have to perform. Those due today and those coming up over the next week.

Tasks Due Now

Tasks Due Now are those activities you need to perform today. They'll be on your Dashboard and in your Daily Action Summary.

When you view them on your Dashboard, the Task will show with a time it needs to be completed by. Before that time is reached the Task will have black text, afterwards it will show as red.

When a Task is showing on your Dashboard it's serving as a reminder and it's up to you to view the policy, procedure, or process and perform the action the Task is asking you to do. You don't need to do anything to the Task reminder itself, it will automatically disappear at the end of the day.

Tasks Coming Up

To get some oversight of what Tasks you have coming up over the next 7 days, click Tasks Coming Up on your Dashboard.

This will take you to a list of future Tasks, the date and time, and can be selected to view the relevant content item.

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