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How to create a Procedure or Checklist Template
How to create a Procedure or Checklist Template
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If you would like to create a template of a policy or procedure you can do this using Way We Do's Duplicate & Template feature.

You can make a template of a policy or procedure that's in either Draft or Published status.

When making a template, only content that is embedded in the procedure or checklist will be included in the template - no other criteria will be included on the template. For a checklist, if there are Responsibilities assigned using "Role assigned to this step", these will be copied in to the template.

Note: the process for creating a template for a Standalone Procedure and an Activated Checklist is the same.

Creating a template of a Standalone Procedure or an Activated Checklist

1. Navigate to the Standalone Procedure or Checklist you want to create a template from

2. Select the Copy & Template button


3. Select Save as Template


4. Give your template a recognizable name in the Provide a title for your template field

5. Describe what the template is for using the Give a brief description of the template field

6. Select Save As Template


7. You will receive confirmation that the template was created. Select Continue to close


8. Next time you select Add New in the Choose a Template pop-up you can scroll to find and select any templates you've created


9. The template will open as a Draft with the title Untitled Checklist

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