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Instructions on how to use the Generate an Outline functionality

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The purpose of the Generate an Outline option is to help you create the outline for a policy or procedure you intend to write.

For example, you may need to write a Code of Conduct for your organization. The AI can get you started by simply entering "Code of Conduct" in to the procedure title, then selecting Generate an Outline. It will then provide you with an outline for your policy, which you can then adjust to your needs.

Generate an Outline works differently on different procedure types:

  • Standalone Procedure: creates an outline for the overall procedure based on the procedure title

  • Activated Checklist: creates an outline for the step you're writing content for, based on the step title

  • Role Description: generate an outline is not available on this function

How to use Generate an Outline

  • Open a Standalone Procedure or Activated Checklist. For a Standalone Procedure our recommendation is to use the Start with a blank page option

  • For a Standalone Procedure: enter in the name of your policy or procedure into the procedure heading field - currently this will contain Untitled Procedure

  • For an Activated Checklist: enter in and confirm a step title for an Activity Step or Decision Point, then open the instruction panel and choose Write your own

  • Select the AI button - bright pink icon on the far right

  • Click Generate an Outline

  • A message will appear to let you know that the AI is working

  • Once completed, the generated outline will be inserted in to your procedure

  • At the bottom of the generated outline, the hover will appear for you to Accept or Reject the content the AI has created for you

  • You can also choose to Regenerate or Give us feedback at this point too

  • Once you're happy with the generated outline and have selected Accept, you can then continue writing your policy or procedure

  • This may include adding to the outline created, or removing unnecessary items

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