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Editing already published procedures

Instructions for editing a procedure that has already been published.

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When you click on the Edit button you create a temporary editable version of the procedure without affecting the published procedure. After you are done editing, publish the procedure to merge the existing version and update to a new version of the procedure.

Click on the procedure you would like to edit


Click on the Edit icon on the upper right of the procedure.


It automatically moves the procedure to the 'Editing' view and switches the status of the procedure to 'Draft' by default.

Note: If the edit button is encased in an 'Eye' icon, this means that a version of the procedure is currently being edited. It will then show you a draft/pending review version of the procedure for you to edit.

Click on the edit icon again to edit the procedure.

Click on 'Finish' if you are done editing the draft version and would like to come back at a later date to edit the procedure again.

In Review

If you wish to invite others to review the edits that you've made in the procedure, select In Review then click Finish.

A dialogue box will appear and prompt you to invite others to review the procedure. Click Send Invite.

When you want to go back to the procedures you are editing, the editing section will be easier for you to be able to see the Draft and In Review procedures by clicking on the status filter.


If you are done editing, and ready to publish the item, click Published then select Finish.

A Prompt will then let you enter some details into the procedure.

Changes made - Enter any changes you made throughout the editing phase before you published it.

Reason - Enter the reason for the changes in the procedure if there are any.

Editing Section

The Editing section will show you all the procedures that are in Draft and In Review.

This will help you easily find the procedures you are already editing.

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