Edit Locking
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Edit locking protects your content from accidental deletion and dual editing by making it possible for only one user to edit each procedure at a time.

If one user attempts to edit or delete a procedure that another user is currently editing, they will be unable to do so. Additionally, if a user has edited a procedure, but did not save before exiting, the next user to edit the procedure will have the option to continue editing using the latest autosave version, or revert back to before the edits were made.

The session expiry window for edit locking is set to 15 minutes. This eliminates premature session expiry, yet still allows procedures to be unlocked for editing after a reasonable amount of time.

This feature comes in handy when someone who has been editing a procedure forgets to close or save the procedure. The session will unlock after 15 minutes, allowing another editor to continue editing.

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