How to Insert Page Breaks in a Document

Instructions for adding page breaks in to your procedures.

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Page breaks are not usually necessary when using your Way We Do manual online, but they are useful for formatting PDF and printed copies of your policies and procedures.

  1. To insert a page break into a procedure, first, navigate to the desired procedure in your manual, and click the editing icon (the pencil) to open the editing tools.

  2. Identify the exact place in the content that you want to insert the page break. This is most often at the end of a paragraph, just before a new heading.

  3. Click to place your cursor in the place you have chosen.

  4. Click on the letter "P" in the editor bar and from the menu displayed, select the last option on the right, "Page Break"

    and the page break will be inserted looking like the image below:

  5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

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