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Why are images appearing rotated?
Why are images appearing rotated?
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Images add interest and clarity to your policies and procedures, and they should be added as often as possible. In some cases, the images you add may appear rotated, or sideways, in your manual. This is caused by coding in the image itself.

Some images contain EXIF data, which is additional information about the image, including the intended orientation. Many image viewing packages read this information and automatically rotate the image to the correct orientation. Unfortunately, web browsers do not support this information when it is embedded in an image, so the image is not automatically rotated within Way We Do, and will thus appear just as it was originally stored.

Correcting Rotated Images

To fix a rotated image you will need to correct the orientation of the stored file that you are uploading.

  1. To begin, load the image into an image editing package such as Photoshop, Preview, or Paint.NET.

  2. Use the rotation tools in the photo editor to set the correct orientation for the image.

  3. Once the photo is exactly how you want it to appear in your manual, save the file to your computer.

  4. Upload the new, edited image to your Way We Do manual in place of the old image.

View the EXIF Data of an Image

You can view the EXIF data of an image by going to and uploading the image in question. The Orientation field will show the intended orientation of the image.

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