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Why Can't I Cut, Copy or Paste Using The Rich Text Editor?
Why Can't I Cut, Copy or Paste Using The Rich Text Editor?
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Way We Do uses a Rich Text Editor built on the web technology JavaScript. The Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers place restrictions on JavaScript and do not allow access to your computer’s clipboard. Without this access, you are unable to cut and paste directly from your clipboard as you would a document on your computer desktop.

In Internet Explorer, a pop up permission box will appear the first time you try cutting and pasting into our system, giving you the choice to allow or deny access to your clipboard. Clicking Allow Access will prevent future problems.

Firefox, however, does not allow users to change clipboard permissions. Instead, Firefox users will need to use the editing tools provided in the Way We Do system, along with keyboard commands, to cut and paste content.

Read this article for further instructions on How to Cut and Paste Content in your manual.

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