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Involving Your Business Coach, Consultant and/or Trainer
Involving Your Business Coach, Consultant and/or Trainer
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Getting feedback and guidance from a professional coach, consultant or trainer is a great way to get your Operations Manual moving along. They will be a great sounding board for any system ideas that you have. Since they have relationships with many business owners, they are in the prime position of offering advice on best practices used in other organisations.

How to get your coach, consultant or trainer involved?

  1. Simply tell them that one of your goals is to systemise your business or organisation to increase performance and to create more freedom in your life.

  2. Say that you want to use "Way We Do" as your platform of choice to document and centralise your procedures.

  3. Ask them to help with the planning of the procedures required for your specific business or organisation. As well as using best practice procedures available from Way We Do, get creative to make the way you do things in your organisation unique.

  4. Ask them to help you implement the procedures with the team and to review performance reporting. How "on-track" are you with the vision that you have in your head?

If you don't have a coach, consultant or trainer, don't worry, because you can get a long way with creating your Operations Manual through Way We Do.

Along the way, we will recommend business and executive coaches, consultants and training organisations that can help you in the city that you live if you feel you need additional assistance. Many coaches today also provide their services online!

Who do you recommend as a coach, consultant or trainer? We would love to know whom you have worked with previously so we can share recommended professionals for other business owners and managers.

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