Testing and Tweaking Your Operations Manual
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When systemising a business, you never get it right the first time. It requires ongoing testing and tweaking over a period of time.

You will get feedback from your team, customers and suppliers informing you if the system is on track or not. When you receive positive feedback from customers or sales are increasing for example, think about whether it is due to the system you created. If it isn't, what did your team or you do to make that successful? Consider what that is and try to duplicate it to continue great feedback and performance.

Creating systems requires you to:

  1. Create the system - plan what your team needs to do and write down the steps involved. Find or create any required forms and materials.

  2. Document it within your Operations Manual - add it to Way We Do so your team has access to the latest procedure.

  3. Share it with your team - sit down with the team and walk through the procedure together.

  4. Monitor performance - monitor if you are getting the performance you require.

  5. Seek feedback - again, sit down with the team and ask them if they think the procedure if working and what changes that could be implemented to make it even better.

You don't need to do this alone. Get your team to help you plan, create, test and tweak the system for your business or organisation. We recommend that you book in a weekly meeting to discuss systems and procedures.

How do you test and tweak your Operations Manual and systems?

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